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8 Things You Need to Do Before Going on a Wine Tour

wine tours

Luxury wine tours are all the rage these days. It’s no wonder that more and more people have succumb to the allure of visiting picturesque vineyards and sampling the variety of wines produced. Few experiences truly compare to a day out tasting different wines, while also being able to speak to the people who are […]

11 of the Most Underrated Wine Destinations in the World

11 of the Most Underrated Wine Destinations in the World - Tango.Tours

Italy, Spain, France, and Napa Valley are probably some of the first places you think of when you think about great wine. These underrated wine destinations have long been associated with the high quality, award-winning wines they produce. There are, however, many other incredible, yet extremely underrated wine regions in the world. The main reason […]

7 Reasons Chilean Wineries are Considered the Best in the World

Chile wineries

The wine regions in Chile are among South America’s most renowned viticulture zones. They are recognized for their high quality wines, and fine wine culture. Chile is one place passionate wine lovers shouldn’t miss. Chile has several notable wine producing regions, like the Aconcagua Valley, the Colchagua Valley, the Maipo Valley, and the Curico Valley. […]

12 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Visit South America

South America - Tango.Tours

South America is gradually emerging as the next big thing in world tourism, with its outstanding natural endowments and rich history. You will hear more people talk about places like Machu Picchu, Atacama, Mendoza, and Rio de Janeiro now more than ever before. The unparalleled exotic charm of the South American landscapes attract a large […]

Sonoma Valley Wine Tour: An Essential Guide Before You Plan The Trip

Sonoma Valley

Sonoma Valley in California is one of the most popular wine producing regions of the world. Wine fanatics in America and beyond flock to the region in great numbers to savor the region’s greatest treasure, which is produced by more than 425 wineries. Located to the west of Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley boasts nearly 60,000 […]

8 Best Places For Wine Tours In Napa Valley

8 Best Places For Wine Tours In Napa Valley - Tango Tours

Napa Valley wine tour in California, USA, is one of the most loved wine tour destinations in the world. Napa accounts for 4% of California’s wine, and offers a wide variety of wines. With its gorgeous scenic beauty and fresh, tasteful wines, this region located in the north of California is a wine lover’s paradise. […]

Intro to Wine Tasting Tour in Sonoma County

wine tasting in sonoma county - Tango Tours

Lush vineyards surround the countryside of Sonoma County. From the salty climate of the coast through the foggy Russian River Valley and the pleasant hills of Sonoma and Healdsburg. A more casual wine tasting region than Napa, it includes over 400 wineries and 17 distinctive appellations with wide ranges of soil types, vines, and climates. […]

What Chilean Vineyards Are a Must-See For All Wine Lovers?

Chilean Vineyards - Tango Tours

You cannot overlook Chile while making a list of the best wine-producing regions of the world. Chile, a new world wine region, crafts the finest quality wines that are both herbaceous and fruit forward. Chile’s vast and diverse geography, coupled with the perfect type of climate, has been responsible for its extraordinary wines. It’s hard […]

10 Things To Enjoy In Napa Valley Wine Country

Napa valley wine country

Many people think that Napa Valley wine country has little to offer other than wine tours and acres of vineyards. However, those who have already been to this picturesque part of northern California know that Napa is full of surprises. Even if you are not a wine enthusiast, Napa Valley can be a lot fun. […]